Monday, March 11, 2013

"Allow myself to introduce... myself." (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog)

I am not oblivious to my own nature, neither my strengths nor weaknesses.  So, don't think that I am unaware that I can be a serious fellow.  No no.  It's true.  If a heart attack and I were to get into a Contest of Seriousness I would beat him so solidly he'd have a coronary.  (scratches head)

Here's the story.  So, my family just went through the process of taking the Meyers-Briggs test.  For the uninitiated, the Meyers-Briggs is a personality test.  Yes, if you are wondering, I failed.  Okay, kidding.  It doesn't work like that.  The test is meant to, in a general way, evaluate your personality and help you understand it better.  It is actually an incredibly effective to tool to help you gain a bit of perspective on yourself.  The results are surprisingly accurate.  When reading mine, I wondered if perhaps it was a prank played by those who know me It was as if the test makers had not asked me questions and evaluated me, but followed me around for a week.  (Looks over shoulder, checks under lamp for bugs) 

Getting the results was a ton of fun.  My brother, Jason, was an INTJ.  This personality type is also known as the "Mastermind" personality type.  Shocker that this is the most compatible personality type with mine.  My brother and I enjoy serious conversation.  Serious is fun for us.  Every now and then it is fun to cut loose, BUT on the whole, the most fun things are things with purpose. 

I am an ENFP.  A somewhat common personality type... for women.  ENFP males are rare.  Yes.  Shut up.  Moving on.  Our personality type is called the "Champion".  This is the El Cid, Advocate, fight for a cause kind of champion, as in "one who champions a cause," champion, not a "we win" champion.  We ENFPs are not satisfied unless we are fighting for a cause, sharing the human experience.  Yes, exactly, they bugged my room.  I will find them eventually.  For example, we ENFPs and INTJs think solving world hunger is more fun than dancing... because it is. 

I know you probably don't agree, that is why I am revamping my blog.  Apparently, most people find dancing more fun than solving world hunger.  (Under my breath: "Weirdos")   I am going to be doing my best to continue sharing my heart, keep trying to glorify God, but do so in a way that those who don't think that solving world hunger is more fun than dancing can read this blog and be blessed and entertained.  The two are surely not mutually exclusive.  I mean... (clears throat) will be totes hilar and so awesome!  

So, my new guidelines are...

Keep it funny.  Yes, I am serious as a heart attack, but that don't mean I ain't never funny.  Sometimes I is.

Keep it short.  This one will be hard, as I have a penchant for verbosity.  Tis true and I know it.  I will do my best. (sheepish grin, crosses fingers behind back)  I want this blog to be accessible, as apparently most people these days have little to no attention span and struggle to focus for Wow the biggest gecko just crawled across my window.  Or is it a salamander?

Keep it real.  I am still an ENFP.  More than that, I am still a child of God.  I still want to bless you and be blessed by you, exchange thoughts,  share hidden human experience and insights, try my best to glorify God above all else. This life has not ceased being short, and we can all help each other in living more fully.  My hope is that God's gift to me, my ability to communicate, will be used to His glory.  

So, come back and keep reading.  And hit the little "like" button if you did in fact like.  Takes two seconds, and despite your ADD, surely you can manage to NICE! Email from the Prince of Jordan!  Gonna be rich.  Check y'all later.